How to Succeed in a New Regime

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How to Succeed in Your 1st PM Job

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My predictions for the future of video entertainment

A grab bag of content from Disney+, Apple TV+, Netflix, and Hulu

Olympians or GOATs, they’re just like us

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Short term and long term strategies on how iOS app developers can navigate and survive Apple’s new tracking transparency changes

Spotify asks for permission to track

Celebrating the product and design principles that led to an accomplishment in sustainable technology

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How meaning inspires me at work

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How to create income that is a portfolio of revenue streams

“Entrepreneurial You” Cover

3 key takeaways from my panel at UXDX

The Art of Stakeholder Management Panel at the UXDX USA Conference

Someone, please call up DJ Khaled’s people 📞

Banner for WWDC21

Lauren Chan Lee

Lauren Chan Lee is a product leader who enjoys writing about the connections between product principles and everyday life. Learn more at:

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